The OpenGFS Project

About OpenGFS

OpenGFS is a clustered filesystem. It's usefulness is thought to be mostly in SAN's, but goes well beyond that. It can be used with iSCSI, HyperSCSI, and even firewire.

OpenGFS is undergoing many changes at the moment, we appreciate any help in testing the current development branch. For those less adventurous souls we have our current stable branch (0.2.1).

Take a look around the site, and check back often, we will be stabilizing our current development branch and will have a much improved stable branch soon.


RedHat invites us to a face-to-face technical meeting with GFS and cluster component engineers, to be held on July 29 and 30, 2004, in Minneapolis. Anyone interested is welcome to attend this rare opportunity (limited to first 50 people, first-come-first-serve). For more info, contact RedHat's Daniel Phillips.


RedHat open-sources GFS, along with other cluster components (including a DLM)! Both 2.4 (GFS 6.0, lacks DLM, source RPMs for RHEL 3) and 2.6 (current CVS) versions are available for download. RedHat Cluster project page is here. A good doc about most of the components is here.


Certainly you've all heard about the recent RedHat/Sistina news, if not check this out. We'll keep you updated when we hear more info on the subject.


I finally got the fs module to the point that I can insmod it into a 2.6 kernel without any panics, next comes loading the locking module(s)


The initial port of the fs module to the 2.6 kernel series is complete. It still needs quite a bit of work to be correct, but it compiles. Now to begin on the other modules.


The much anticipated OpenGFS-0.3.0 has been released. Key features are:
* removal of dependency on "pool" volume manager, via external journals
* lots more documentation (WHATIS, HOWTOs, and ogfs- internals)
* performance enhancements to some internal search methods
* metadata block recovery

Recent testing has shown it to be fairly stable, BUT you may see some problems if your filesystem gets rather full (we believe that is fixed now, in CVS).

Give it a go, and let us know what you think.

Work has already commenced on the next development release, it should include a DLM.


Meeting today, we decided to try to get a release put together by Sept. 15. We are also going to switch the meetings to Mondays at 1500 UTC in #opengfs on


Working on a new website. Same kind of info for now, just slightly more pleasing to the eye.


New Release - version 0.2.1

Minor bugfix release


New Release - version 0.2

Re-Release of last beta.

A few minor documentation updates(only interesting to developers)
Added a .src.rpm
Only known issue is the ieee1394 patch doesn't compile at the moment (I no longer have the hardware to test with)


I added a link to the download page to download the nightly cvs snapshots


New Release - version 0.1.1 under downloads.


Tons of documentation updates
A few small bugfixes
Patches for newer kernels(2.4.19,2.4.20)
And many more... (See the ChangeLog)


New Release - version 0.1.0 under downloads.


Automake/Autoconf updates
Tons of cleanup stuff
Security audit/fixes
Patches for newer kernels
And many more...


I've noticed that quite a few people seem to be downloading the tarballs, and if you are looking at OpenGFS you should really consider looking at cvs instead, at least until we get the new packages out(which should be soon).


Got Intel's iSCSI working with OpenGFS. Looks like a likely replacment for GNBD since iSCSI has all the features of GNBD plus quite a few extra. Check out the HOW-TO in the docs section (should be done soon). UPDATE: I am trying to use a different iSCSI implementation since the Intel one is not GPL'ed. I will update this page when I figure out which one I am going to use, and get the HOWTO done.


A few website updates, and a few documentation updates.


We are well on our way to a new release. Just a few small things to take care of.