HOWTO_use_OpenGFS_with_iSCSI (Feb 23 2003)

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Installing OpenGFS for iSCSI shared storage:

First thing to do is set up iSCSI. I used Intel's iSCSI.  Note that Intel's
iSCSI is not open source.  You can use whatever you want, but the directions 
here are based on Intel's (for now).

1. Unpack the source.

2. Edit the array INITIATOR_TARGET_T (near line 62) in initiator.c to suit 
   your needs.  It should read something like:

#if 1
  {"", ISCSI_PORT, "", NULL, 0}};
  {"", ISCSI_PORT, "", NULL, 0},
  {"", ISCSI_PORT, "", NULL, 0},
  {"", ISCSI_PORT, "", NULL, 0}};

3. Edit the line
   to suit your needs in initiator.h (near line 39)

4. make

5. start the target
   I used the user space driver. It just creates a file in /tmp to write all 
   the data to.
	ufsdisk_mmap -t -n 1024000
   This creates a 500MB temporary file in /tmp to hold the target "drive"
   Note:  With the user level programs, if you link the temp file to a device 
   in /dev, it will use that device

6. Run utest to test connectivity

7. insmod ./intel_iscsi

8. Refer to OpenGFS "generic" HOWTO document to build and install OpenGFS.

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