HOWTO_use_OpenGFS_with_IEEE1394 (Aug 14 2003)

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HOWTO Install OpenGFS for IEEE1394 (Firewire) Devices

I have gotten this to work with the ADS Pyro Firewire Drive (it has the
Oxford ieee1394-->IDE chipset) box. If you have other success stories let
me  know.

Detailed steps for Firewire shared storage:

1. Get the source, either from CVS or via tarball (some releases are also
	available as source RPMs).  Copy to each computer in the cluster.

	A.  Retrieve (check out) the OpenGFS source from CVS:

	cvs login		(just hit "enter" key for the password)
	cvs -z3 co opengfs	(-z3 invokes compression, if desired)

	HINT:  Any subsequent updates of the code can use "cvs up opengfs".


	B.  Download a tarball from
		Click on "Download".  Tarballs come in two varieties:
		1) Releases (click on "Sourceforge Download Page"), and
		2) Nightly CVS tarballs (click on "Nightly CVS Tarball").

	For Release tarballs:
	tar -xvzf opengfs-n.n.n.tar.gz	(substitute version for n.n.n)

	For Nightly tarballs:
	tar -xvzf opengfs-cvsroot.tar.gz

	If you are having trouble with the ieee1394 drivers you will probably
		need to download the ieee1394 drivers from
		Just follow the directions on that site to install them.

2.	Patch/Rebuild Kernel

	Change to your kernel source directory and apply the kernel patches
	for ogfs and ieee1394 (sbp2-reset.patch, you need this patch even if you
	got the ieee1394 drivers from, then rebuild
	your kernel (make sure you enable the ieee1394 drivers).

	NOTE:  It is now (for CVS code since July 30, 2003, and any releases
	after that) a *requirement* that patches for the DM device manager are
	applied to your 2.4.x kernel!  See step 2 in HOWTO-nopool.

3.	Insert ieee1394 Modules

	If you compiled the ieee1394 drivers as modules do a:

		modprobe ohci1394
		modprobe sbp2 sbp2_exclusive_login=0

	Now you should be able to mount the ieee1394 drive between each 
	computer, but not at the same time.

	Check for success:  cat /proc/partitions shows shared drive(s)

	HINT: You may have to rmmod sbp2 and reload it to get it to list the 
	drive in /proc/partitions , but I think loading the ohci1394 driver 
	first should take care of the problem I was having.
	You can use the script from the 
	kernel_patches/ieee1394 directory

4.	Progress Report

	At this point you should be running a kernel patched with the OpenGFS
	patches and the ieee1394 patches.

5.	Build/Install the OpenGFS Software

	See the OpenGFS HOWTO-generic or HOWTO-nopool document, starting at:

	"Build and install OpenGFS kernel modules/tools/man-pages"

Copyright 2002-2003 The OpenGFS Project
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