TODO/Roadmap (Sep 13 2003)

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0.3 - Current development cycle
Figure out what in the hell we are going to do with "pool" and do it (done!)
Distributed locking mechanism (in progress)
Replace bubble sort in fs.c and blklist.c (done!)

Stable release of 0.3 codebase

Remove necessity for kernel patches
	(no more recompiling the kernel for OpenGFS)
Split kernel module code and tool code into separate packages
Support for 2.6 kernels
	(possibly sooner depending on when 2.6 is released, and becomes stable)
BSD Quota support

Stable release of 0.5 codebase

After 1.0
Remove osi_ abstraction layer/crap
Move filesystem code to pagecache
Support for > 2TB filesystems
Replace current cluster system with a plugin based system with plugins for
	(since most people who are going to use OpenGFS probably already have
	cluster software running, this might be moved up in the queue)

Things that should be happening constantly
Finish security audit
Check the tracker on SourceForge for more things that need to happen

Things that haven't been scheduled
Audit use of Big Kernel Lock (BKL), which is abundantly used, probably way over-
  used, in filesystem code.  Reference:
Audit use of panics (e.g. bug # 717105).
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